Cancel GMail in 5 Minutes

It is really possible! 3 simple steps. We will walk you through it! Here's the high level overview:

How It Works

The steps to a 5 minute cancel are as follows.

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  • 1

    Choose or Find Your Domain Provider

    Do you already have a domain provider? NameCheap? GoDaddy? Cloudflare? Then use them! Otherwise, we can make recommendations

  • 2

    Choose an Email Provider

    Who is going to manage your email? Namecheap? Fastmail? ProtonMail? Microsoft? Choose a company and get started!

    Need help deciding? We've got you covered there too.

    Remember that you can always change your mind later (without impacting your network!).

  • 3

    Point your Domain to the EMail Provider

    This is where a background in nerdery definitely helps.

    Never done DNS before? Just follow the directions carefully!

    Or give us a call for help!

  • 4

    Forward Your GMail Address

    Ok so we don't want to delete our Gmail account... 

    At least not yet. 

    Let's forward emails so we never miss a thing!

  • 5

    Enjoy Your Freedom!

    You did it! Well done!

    Did you time us? How long did it take?

    Let us know what we can do to help!

Need Some More Information?

Okay. So we might pass the 5 minute mark here. That's ok! You're learning!

(This list is a work in progress)

What are the Problems?

What are the downsides of managing your own email?
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Importance of Privacy

What if I have nothing to hide? Privacy still matters.
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Success Stories

Folks who canceled their legacy email service and are excited about the future
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Protect Yourself

How to ensure that you protect yourself on the web with your email service.
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What are the Upsides?

Controlling your own email has many tangible benefits. What are they!?

Domain Management

Make sure you own and retain your personal brand!

Learn About Tech

So many new topics in the technology world. How do we stay up to date!?
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Understanding Security

EMail was created in a different world. How has email matured to handle increased security risks over time?
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