GMail in a Sea of GMails

updated on 02 May 2024
A sea of letters and envelopes
A sea of letters and envelopes

Ever collected a list of emails from a group of folks in real life?

How many of them are GMail addresses?

Or what about driving down the road... seen a gmail address on the side of a truck?

They are everywhere!!


Well we call this "market share."

And Google (through GMail) owns 30+% of the market share of emails!

This number is honestly a bit low...

Only low because every Apple ID represents an email address.

Of free emails handed out to others the number is far higher.

70-90% in my estimation.

This means "social proof." GMail has it. 

Everybody has their GMail address.

Everybody loves their GMail address.

Everybody shares their GMail address.

This also means there is very remarkable lock-in for folks in their GMail address.

Think of all of the people who could not reach you if your email address went poof.

Looking to stand out from the crowd? The "sea of GMails," as it were?

Then take a look at cancelling your gmail account

We have a simple guide and would be happy to walk you through the process.

Future you will be glad that you did.

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