Namecheap for Email

published on 02 March 2024
The Namecheap logo
The Namecheap logo

I don't like cheap.

I like quality. Cheap and quality can be at odds.

But not in this service!

Namecheap began in 2000 with the mission to provide "the best domains at the best prices with the best service."

For players in the domain space, they are much less well known than giants like GoDaddy or Google.

However, the service they provide in our experience is fantastic!

Over the years, they have also added supporting services like Email and Wordpress. The great thing about using these services at your domain provider is that it can simplify some of the setup!

👨‍💻 Non-techies? I'm talking to you. Try to find a domain provider that will set up the DNS records for you and make your technical life easier!!

Either that or find a friend / partner that you can work with to manage the technical side of your stack! Some of the ins-and-outs of domain setup can be tricky.

Reach out if we can help! Our goal is to simplify and de-mystify this process as much as possible! We would love to see a world where "" addresses are RARE in the wild!

At the time of writing, Namecheap is the email provider selected in our fast-and-opinionated approach to canceling your gmail account! (Notice how we used a domain registrar to simplify the process? 😉)

Check them out if you think their services are a good fit for your needs! Or check out more alternatives and stories of others who may be happy with Namecheap.

We would love to hear about your adventure!

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