FastMail for Email

published on 02 May 2024
An image of FastMail loaded on an iPhone
An image of FastMail loaded on an iPhone

FastMail is my personal "email provider of choice."

They do email well. Simply and Ethically.

The user interface is usable by even less-technical users.

And they have a bunch of good options for extensibility if you are one of the techie types!

Fast, Private Email

Their motto is "Fast, Private Email." And rightfully so!

Performance is fantastic with their service.

Simple. No Frills. Quality email service.

I have moved many of my family over to their services!

Independent Email

A big requirement for me is independence.

They are not tied to the giant cloud providers who own half of the internet.

So if that matters to you, they may be a good option for you!

Free Trial

Right now they are running a free 30 day trial!

Give it a shot and see if their service is a good match for your needs!

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